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Dairies and the Environment

In California, there are environmental concerns regarding wastewater treatment plants, food waste dischargers (packing houses, food processors) and confined livestock operations (primarily dairies).

Dellavalle staff has been active in assisting private firms meet the various requirements to satisfy environmental concerns.

For dairies managing influent/effluent is important as it can impact water quality. In line with this the dairies will need to document nutrient application, crop nutrient uptake and identify management practices that will reduce air pollution. With new regulations being developed, improving each dairy’s environmental performance is important.

Our Certified Soil Scientists/Agronomists are experienced with these concerns. They can act as liaison between you and any regulatory agency including California Regional Water Quality Control Board (CRWQCB). Appropriate samples can be collected from your monitoring wells, lagoons, effluents/influents and treatment ponds. The waters will be analyzed and our professionals can interpret the results and provide written reports. Monitoring reports often include BOD and nitrogen loading information.

Dairies are regulated by several agencies including the CRWQCB from whom we received approved laboratory status. Others involved are the Air Pollution Control Board, the County where the dairy is located and other Federal and State groups.

We are helping you save the future of our water supply and keep our environment safe.