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Sampling Techniques for Soil and Plant Tissue

Analytical Catalog
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Select appropriate Work Request form, print, complete and return it with your sample. Forms for download; print and submit with your sample:

When submitting Soil, Plant Tissue, Waters or other material, be very clear about analyses needed. As an example, listing nitrogen is not enough information; specify TN, TKN, NH4-N, NO3 or NO3-N.

On Work Request Form complete as much as applies:

Date and Time Sampled – For waters date and time sampled is very important.
Analysis Requested – Indicate appropriate analytical package; see “Analytical Catalog
Present Crop – Helps consultant offer correct comments and recommendations; varieties are important to growing crop.
Intended Crop – Important for evaluation. Crop Stage of Growth – Plant age is very helpful.

Other details should be noted such as location (Napa, Coachella, etc.), reason for sampling (routine or troubleshooting), System ID numbers for water systems, etc.

Copy To – If a copy of your report must be sent to another party, write appropriate information or check the appropriate boxes at the right of form include county.
Description of Samples – Appears on your report and should match the descriptions on bags/bottles. Chain of Custody – Sign if you are required to send copy to a regulatory agency.

Ranch managers: Put different ranches on separate forms so clients only see their results.

The more information you give us, the more assistance we can provide.