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In the field, there is no substitute for experience. Fortunately, experience is one of the great strengths of the Dellavalle approach. Our consultants are spread throughout California for easy access. Due to the wide diversity of California agriculture, their expertise includes tree crops, field and row crops and vineyards as well as landscaping. In addition all have worked with water compliance issues as dictated by the Department of Health Services and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Nat B. Dellavalle
Nat B. Dellavalle - 55 Years Experience
Certified Professional Agronomist/SoilScientist, Certified Crop Advisor
Mobile: (559) 647-5316
Area: Outside California, Foreign countries, Southern California
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Keith M. BackmanKeith M. Backman - 44 Years Experience
Certified Horticulturist/PomologistCertified , Crop Advisor
California Water Distribution Operator

Mobile: (559) 647-5330
Area: Eastern Fresno, Kings, Northern Tulare, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Regions
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Ben Nydam
Ben Nydam - 25 Years Experience

Consultant, Irrigation Specialist, Certified Crop Advisor
Mobile: (559) 647-5331
Area: Kern, Tulare, Kings Regions
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Danyal Kasapligil
Danyal Kasapligil - 26 Years Experience

Certified Professional Agronomist, Certified Crop Advisor, Agricultural Pest Control Advisor
Mobile: (831) 750-4509
Area: Napa, Sacramento, Salinas, Special Projects
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Bill Blanken
Bill Blanken - 58 Years Experience

Mobile: (559) 469-2832
Area: Kern, Kings and Tulare Regions
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Anne Collins Burkholder
Anne Collins Burkholder - 8 Years Experience
Certified Crop Advisor
Mobile: (530) 400-1346
Area: Lodi, Modesto, North Sacramento, Special Projects
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Lacey Mount
Lacey Mount - 5 Years Experience

Agronomist, Certified Crop Advisor, Doctor of Plant Medicine
Mobile: (559) 351-2741
Area: Fresno, Madera and Merced regions, Special Projects
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Cynthia Tiemersma
Cynthia Tiemersma - 3 Year Experience

Dairy Technician
Mobile: (559) 471-6140
Area: Kern, Kings, Fresno Regions
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Sam Daud
Sam Daud - 1 Year Experience

Mobile: (559) 940-1294
Area: Fresno and Madera Regions
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