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Irrigation Water Collection


  • One clean plastic container (about one pint).
  • For drip irrigation if you suspect high Mn or Fe concentrations:
    • Obtain an acidified bottle to keep Mn and Fe in solution or
    • Indicate your concern on the Work Request form and a portion will be acidified upon receipt.
  • If possible, run Well for a few hours to purge uncharacteristic surface waters from shallow aquifers.


  • Fill container leaving no air space. Carbonates, bicarbonates and nitrate are affected by the presence of air.
  • Do not include water treatments (i.e. sulfuric acid, chlorine, fertilizers, etc.) in your sample when collecting from valves and pipelines.
  • If you have an acidified bottle, do not let it overflow (you do not want acid on your hands). Rubber gloves are suggested to protect from mild acid.
  • Print on the bottle using an indelible marker, the date and time sampled as well as client name and sample description. Chill sample immediately.
  • Complete Work Request Form and deliver sample to Dellavalle. slutty kitten finger fucks cunt and gets licked and drilled in pov.