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Crop Removal Sampling

The harvested crop is analyzed to determine levels of nutrients and salts removed from the field.

FruitSubmit 5-10 whole fruit (3 to 5 lbs).
SilageCollect removed crop or hand-cut field samples just prior to harvest.
GrainSubmit grain. If baled, sample straw.
AlfalfaCollect samples in field or soon after baled.
Green-chopCollect harvested material.


  • Collect one quart ziplock bag of material, double bag it.
  • Chill immediately to preserve moisture.
  • Using an indelible marker or ballpoint pen clearly print on each bag your name/company, site and sample description or location.
  • Complete and return a Work Request Form.
  • Deliver to Dellavalle: see Shipping Instructions slutty kitten finger fucks cunt and gets licked and drilled in pov.