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Tissue Sampling

  • Paper or plastic bags can be used. Care should be taken not to allow the sample to dry or mold. Be sure to keep plastic bagged samples cold enroute to laboratory. Deliver to the laboratory as soon as possible.
  • Most samples can be gathered by hand although hand clippers maybe useful in some cases. Sampler should have clean hands. Do not use borax-containing hand soaps.
  • Samples collected for microbiology, pathogens and pesticide analyses generally need refrigeration. Have a cooler and coolant available.


  • Select proper plant part and sampling time; timing is important. See Tissue: Field & Row CropsPermanent CropsOrnamentalCrop Removal Samples.
  • Collect 50-80 petioles or leaves per sample.
    • Leaves: Collect only fully-expanded mature leaves.
    • Petioles: Take only petioles, removing the leaf blade in the field. (It only takes a few minutes for blades to absorb nutrients from petioles.)
  • Clearly print on each bag using an indelible marker or ballpoint pen your name/company, location (site) and sample description.
  • Complete Work Request Form and return it with your sample.
  • Deliver to Dellavalle as soon as possible; see Shipping Instructions.

Tissue samples are rinsed upon arrival so ship promptly as dry samples cannot be rinsed. slutty kitten finger fucks cunt and gets licked and drilled in pov.