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Tissue: Permanent Crops

CropPlant Part to SampleTime of Sampling
BlueberriesLeaves – mid-shootApril thru September
CitrusMature leaves from non-fruiting
terminals (avoid recent flush)
July 15 to May 15
Deciduous Fruit/Nut Trees
(except those noted below)
Mature Leaves – from spursMay thru September


Petiole – opposite cluster
Leaf blade – opposite cluster
Leaf blade – young mature
April & June
July thru Sept 15
Peaches & NectarinesLeaves – mid-shoot from current
season’s growth
April 15 thru Sept 15
AlmondsMature, fully formed leaves from 5-8 well exposed, non-fruiting spurs between 4-7 feet above the groundAnytime between full leaf out and post-harvest
PistachioYoung, mature leaves from
non-fruiting terminals
May thru August
WalnutTerminal leaflet of compound leafMay thru September slutty kitten finger fucks cunt and gets licked and drilled in pov.