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Tissue: Field & Row Crops

CropPlant Part to SampleTime of Sampling
AlfalfaMidstems for NO3-N, PO4-P, K
Leaves for SO4-S
Tops for Mo, B
1/10 Bloom
AsparagusFern needles 4″ tip sectionSeptember
Cabbage/LettuceMidrib of wrapper leafHeading
Cantaloupe/CucumberPetioles of 6th leaf/ from
growing tips 6-8 true leaves
Early fruit set
CornMidrib from young mature leaf
Midrib from leaf opposite ear
Leaf – young mature
Leaf opposite ear
Before ear formation
After ear formation
Before ear formation
After ear formation
CottonYoung, mature petioleJune thru Sept 15
Onion/Garlic“Y” leaf from 6” plant
height to pre-harvest
Sorghum/MiloYoung mature leafPre-harvest
TomatoFull leaf of recently matured leaf (3rd – 4th leaf from growing tip)Anytime between 1st flower and 1st color
Wheat/Barley2” of above-ground stem6” tall to pre-harvest slutty kitten finger fucks cunt and gets licked and drilled in pov.